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  • Streckfuss Type C044 Cutting, Stamping and Forming Device for loose axial components for vertical mounting


    Device composants


    - dimension 200 x 450 x 200 mm
    - weight approx. 8 kg
    - air pressure 5 Ó 6 bar
    - pitch mini. 2,54 mm, maxi. 5,08 mm
    - ě component body mini. 2 mm, maxi. 8 mm
    - lenght component mini. 4 mm, maxi. 10 mm
    - ě wire C 044 : 0,4 mm to 0,8 mm
    C 044 S : 0,9 mm to 1,4 mm
    - components loose
    - operation manual via pneumatic foot pad


    Description :

    The Burst & Zick machine Type C 044 is designed, to cut and form the leads of axial components for vertical mounting.

    A variety of form shapes are avalaible through the use of interchangeable die sets. To make the insertion of components with short leads into p. c. boards possible, the leads have to be cut to suitable length and formed to required raster.

    The set up adjustments are quite simple and secured to provide accurate forming of every comp÷onent lead.

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