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Burst-und-zick - Polarity preforming & Lead Cutting Device Type C 093

Polarity preforming & Cutting Streckfuss C 093

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Description C093 :

The C O93 was designed to produce a "J" bend to one lead of a component that has polarity. CO93 incorporates a touch tool that ensures a specific lead length ± 0.1 mm even if the components are not taped to an exact tolerance.

Optionally, the CO93 offers a C Tester that can test the components for correct polarity prior to the forming station and remove them if they fail.

Because the CO93 only accepts components on tape, either reeled or ammo pack formats are acceptable. Also because of its flexibility, the CO93 allows the processing of components taped on 12.7 mm and 15 mm spacing by using easy-to-change tape guides and tools.

roll off block for all in trade reels, belt-chopper, C-Tester

- dimensions 650 mm x 450 mm x 500 mm
- weight approx. 35 kg
- electrical 230 V / 50 Hz / 110 W
- control Siemens-SPS "S7-200"
- pneumatic 6 bar
- pitch min. 2.5 mm; max. 7.62 mm
- tape holepitch 12.7 mm und 15 mm
- lead Ø 0.4 mm to 0.8 mm
- components taped
- delivery reel or ammopack
- rate 3.600 pcs/hr