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APOLLO SEIKO - Iron-Tip Soldering Units RSP & RSL / RSL-FPR

   Brochure RSP & RSL

Iron Units for Point and Slide Soldering

We offer 3 units, one for point soldering and 2 for slide.  It takes 8 seconds to replace an iron cartridge and does not require position adjustment upon iron cartridge replacement.  The solder feeding position can be precisely set by adjusting the set screw.

RSP Model For Point Soldering:

This unit can achieve high speed point soldering. The slim design makes it possible to solder applications with tight accessibility issues. This unit has both a pre-feed and secondary feed height adjustment.

RSL & RSL-FPR Models For Slide Soldering:

These iron units are designed for slide soldering. The spring loaded tip assembly will not damage PCB solder mask during the slide operation.

Accessories :

Feeder LFD

Zero Solder Ball Feeder


Cleaning unit

Preheat solder wire

N2 generator

Mesure Tip Temp.

Iron Tips and Cartridges

Other accessories available :
  • Fume Extractors
  • Position control unit

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