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Automatic sleeve soldering machine apollo seiko J-CAT SMS desktop soldering robot

Desktop Sleeve Soldering Robot

This robot installs particularly well into a "lean" cellular production environment.
Sporting our CMS sleeve technology, the J-CAT CMS is easy to maintain and eliminates both flux spattering and solder balls.
Its ceramic sleeve system prolongs robot life and cuts down on repairs.
We also offer custom ceramic sleeve fabrication to better fit your application requirements.

Sleeve soldering

Technical Specifications :

Type J-CAT330 CMS
J-Cat340 CMS
Operation Range (X Y Z)
300x320x100 mm
400x400x150 mm
Portable Weight
15 kg
Repeatability X,Y,Z ± 0.007mm
Program Capacity
999 pograms
Memory Capacity
32,000 points
Soldering Condition
500 conditions
Setting Temperature
0~550°C (1°C increment)
Soldering Feeding Amt Resolution
0.1 ~99.9mm (0.1mm increments)
Solder Feeding Speed
1.0~50.0mm/sec. (0.1mm/sec. increments)
Solder Diameter
Power Consumption
350W (Max)
Heater Power Consumption
Power Source
AC94~260V(Single phase)
Supply Air
0.5 MPa (dry & clean air)
for external operation command D-SUB25 female pin (harness side; male)
Dimensions (WxDxH)
680x588x1099 mm
672x643x1149 mm
Weight 40 kg
47 kg