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INSPECTOSCAN Scanner FAI - Inspector / First Article Inspection

First Article Inspection / Guides aid for PCB assembly

IS-S2 is a Monitoring tool for SMT environment. automatic optical inspection based scanner

InspectosAOI - can is an operator system designed from linear sensor technology, specifically dedicated for inspection in the SMT environment.
You will be able to capture a complete image of the map in one scan.
The associated software then offer several possibilities for checking each component, by comparison of images.

Discover now the new generation integrating a linear sensor for an image acquisition 3 times faster!
Example, get the image of your card in 13 sec for a card size of 210 x 300 mm.
automatic optical inspection based scanner

First Article Inspection
The Inspectoscan FAI is a scanner inspection system used to automate first article inspections and subsequent production inspection tasks without programming.
The Inspectoscan has definitely the best image and the most comprehensive software of the market.

The First Article Inspection FAI INSPECTOSCAN allows for simple inspection of the first PCB, which is particularly interesting for the production of multi-reference board.
Unlike a conventional AOI, it is not necessary to have at first a good board for programming the machine.

The FAI-inspector has three operating modes:

  • Manual mode:
  • All components seen and are validated manually by the operator.
    The software simultaneously displays the layout position, the library photo and the position on the actual board, displaying the correct orientation.
  • Automatic mode:
  • The components are compared to a reference image, and only the default components are presented to the operator for approval.
  • Assembly mode: This mode is guided help for manual assembly of PTH components or SMT components.

    FAI method
    The components are validated to be highlighted by their variable topography, or by their code section.
    The machine controls all SMT until 0201.
    Reports can be viewed, printed, saved or emailed to customers for rapid prototype review. Defect coverage includes, all SMT and PTH parts down to 01005 (presence/absence, polarity, position and skew errors, laser marking, wrong part, labels and color variations).

    The program requires to import information from component name, reference, package, coordinates X and Y coordinates, rotation.
    This information comes from CAD files and / or Pick and Place machine.