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ALEADER AOI - Post wave soldering

Brochure Aleader ASR500I

The AOI ASR500I is used to control the solder side of soldered wave boards.
The camera is placed at the bottom of the machine.
The machine can receive cards or wave frames.

Aleader Optical Unit Uses Revolutionary 360 ° Topography Image Processing Technology
© TIR Topography image Recognition.
This i3D technology solution is incredibly easy to program with changes in topography highlighted by color variation.

Inspection optique automatique AOI après vague en ligne ASR500i convoyage

Taux de couverture d'inspection de 100% sans manque et avec peu de faux défauts
Les systèmes se programment rapidement et sont capables de détecter les types de défauts suivants :
- valeur
- polarité
- position
- soudure (manque, excés)
- court-circuit
ASR500i defauts Brochure FAI Aleader

The FAI software makes it possible to realize immediately after manufacture a manual or semi-automatic inspection of all the components of the first production board.

The setting of the program is done in relation to the library components and the equipment plan.

This software is compatible with all AOI ALeader.

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