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Soudage et brasage laser Wolf gmbh

WOLF micro soldering for electronics, assembly automation, plastic welding, laser marking

WOLF is a major player in Europe for over 20 years in the techniques of micro-welding and micro soldering. The soldering heads are mounted in robotic cells that are integrated into a production line machine. For smaller productions, robots are used off-line.
Off-line cells uses round table or drawers.

  • Tin soldering :
    Robots replace the manual soldering and assembly of electronic components, cables or wires. The technology mainly used in micro soldering are laser, iron, induction or selective DIP or DRAG.
    Module de brasage laser Wolf
    - laser robot (solder wire process)
    - iron robot
    - induction robot
    Integration Wolf cells in production :
    Robots can be used in-line or standalone module with a load on a round-table or with 1 or 2 drawers.
                Robot ergonomics

    Tête laser Wolf

    BOXLINE with drawers
      Tête laser Wolf
          SkyLine in line                              SkyLine round table
           BOXLINE model
    head 3 axis (X=300mm / Y=300mm / Z=50mm)
    Option rotation 180° on the drawers
    Flat TFT + touch PAD
    PLC VIPA + software STEP
    Loading parts :
       - opening door
       - with 1 or 2 drawers
           SKYLINE model
    head 4 axis (X=500mm / Y=500mm / Z=50mm / ROT=345°)
    Toutch screen monitor
    PLC Siemens S7 or VIPA + software STEP
    Loading parts :
       - opening door
       - round table
       - transfer line

    Video laser soldering (Téléchargez au format mpg)

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